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OHCO, Inc. is one of the largest exporters in the United States of FABRIC, TEXTILE STOCK LOTS AND CLOSEOUTS and has been in business nearly 50 years. Our customer base primarily consists of South America, Central America, Mexico, The Mid-East, Africa, Europe and The Caribbean Islands.


All products exported by OHCO, Inc. are sold in container load quantities (some LTL), however many customers choose to fill containers with an assortment of fabrics or textiles to best suit their needs. Depending on the product, we may sell by the yard or meter, by the pound or kilo and per metric ton.

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Wholesale & Export Special Offers

We ship all over the world and can quote you freight rates to any port.

1.  Lace Rolled Goods 220 Cm +                       Click to see offer
2.  Polyester Knit Apparel Fabrics                    Click to see offer
3.  Elastic, Men's & Women's styles                  Click to see offer
4.  Cotton Ducks, Canvas Rolls                         Click to see offer
5.  Cotton Drapery Decorative Prints               Click to see offer
6.   FR Non-Woven Stitchbond fabrics                        Click to see offer
7.  Polar Fleece Rolls                                                                 Click to see offer
8.  Finished Curtains                                                       Click to see offer
9.  Airbag PET Scrap Waste                             Click to see offer  
10. Linoleum Vinyl Flooring Rolls                    Click to see offer
11.  Velvet Upholstery Rolls                                                        Click to see offer

Contact:       Alex Kaminski
  Office:          1-770-786-4887
  Whatsapp:   1-770-778-2279

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Our warehouses and retail stores are located just 30 minutes from Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Covington, Georgia. We are happy to make arrangements to pick up our customers from the airport as well as make hotel reservations for them in order to visit our plant and inspect goods before shipping.

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